Yogurt Consumption Linked to Healthier Body Weights for Women

Posted by Admin on October 25, 2007
Research conducted by The General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition finds that women who eat yogurt frequently are less likely to be overweight and more likely to meet the recommended daily intake of important nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D. The fourteen day study followed the diets of approximately 3,000 women ages 19 and older. Thirteen percent of these women ate three or more servings of yogurt over a two week period. In this group, the women on average had a 15% lower body mass index compared with women who consumed no yogurt.

Senior nutrition scientist at the Bell Institute, Ann Albertson, claims "Our findings build on previous studies and offer good news for yogurt eaters. Yogurt is a food that's portable, portion controlled, nutrient rich, and easy to add to a meal or to enjoy as a snack. It provides a good source of dairy calcium and other essential nutrients that women need for optimum health."

The relationship between low fat dairy consumption and healthy body weight is not new and research continues to further understand the connection. According to the USDA dietary guidelines, most people should consume 3 servings per day of fat-free or low-fat milk products like yogurt, yet many fall short of this recommendation. Albertson concludes, "Collectively the findings from this study and the body of literature suggest an important role for low-fat dairy products in the ability to help maintain a healthy body weight."

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