Yoga Is a Possible Treatment For Depression

Posted by Admin on May 31, 2007
Yoga may offer solutions for depression, anxiety and epilepsy. Reports from the World Health Organization and elsewhere estimate that mental illness comprises fifteen percent of the global disease burden. Depression and anxiety disorders contribute heavily to these numbers. One treatment approach is offered by various medications designed to stimulate the brain's primary inhibitory neuro transmitter, gamma-aminobutyric (or GABA) levels. Findings released by Boston University School of Medicine report that yoga may elevate these GABA levels in the brain and may provide a way to treat these disorders.

The researchers used magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging to compare GABA levels of eight subjects, before and after one hour of yoga, to those who instead read and did no yoga during the hour. The results were a twenty seven percent increase in GABA levels in the yoga group and no change in the control group from baseline levels.

Researchers believe yoga holds promise as a cost-effective, natural, and widely available method of alleviating symptoms of disorders associated with low levels of GABA. Yoga is widely available in most areas and has already been found to have numerous other health benefits..

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