Yet More Natural Cures for Workaday Woes

Posted by Admin on December 19, 2008

Like Narcissus in the Roman legend, modern Western humanity, critics say, has become so infatuated with our own technological and pharmaceutical prowess that we've lost sight of the host of simple and natural things that could handle many of today's problems effectively. Lest we become like Narcissus, who became so enamored of his own handsomeness reflected in a pool of water that he stayed there without eating or drinking until he died, the critics continue, let's not neglect valuable homespun remedies from generations past that are still endorsed by many modern medical experts. Here are some of them:

Foot odor. For a few days to a week, soak your feet (make sure they're free of cuts) each night for 30 minutes in one part vinegar and two parts water. Also good for foot-soaking is strong black tea (warm, not hot). The vinegar and the tea's tannins kill odor-causing bacteria.

Colds. To cut a cold short and lessen its severity, drink two or three times a day a concoction of the juice of half a lemon and honey in boiling water. The vitamin C strengthens the immune system to moderate the cold, and the honey coats the throat to relieve pain.

Stained teeth. To remove coffee, red wine or tobacco stains from your teeth, you can gently scrub them for a few minutes with a paste made from a few crushed strawberries, some pinches of baking soda and water. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, but perform the exercise only once every three or four months, as doing it more often can wear away tooth enamel.

Headache. Taking magnesium (200-400 milligrams) can prevent a headache but not cure it, so the best headaches it can work on are those that can be predicted, such as premenstrual headaches. Magnesium diminishes muscle tension and spasms that cause headache, but it shouldn't be taken by those with kidney problems before consulting a physician.


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