Tauseef Ahmed, M.D., FACP on Vitamin C's Potential for Cancer Treatment

This is primarily animal data. The thing with animal data is that cancer in mice was cured 40 years ago. So you have to take it for what it's worth. No one has shown that high doses of Vitamin C does anything useful or deleterious to cancers. So there's no harm to it, but there is no help with it either. There are lots of people who are using high doses of Vitamin C in an uncontrolled fashion.

The only place I am aware of where Vitamin C has been shown to be of value clinically in the published data has been in a rare kind of bone marrow cancer called multiple myloma, when combined with arsenic and melphalan

Other than that, I think what Dr. Victor Herbert used to say: What happens with the high use of vitamins is that you get expensive urine – which I suspect is very true.


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