In Conversation with Stuart Diamond (Editor-in-Chief)

Stuart Diamond oversees the entire editorial process of Empowered Doctor, including its daily news feed, website development and numerous informational portals. To date Empowered has authored over 2500 video stories. The content has been syndicated online to major media partners, including CBS New York, Chicago Tribune and Arizona Central.

Stuart brings a wide range of professional skills and knowledge to his position as Editor-in-Chief, including experience as a writer, producer, editor, and composer. He has produced media and educational programs for many of the best-known corporate and medical organizations, including Harkness Eye Institute, Columbia University Medical Center, L3 Communications, SDI Technologies, Merrill Lynch, American Express, Glaxo-Smith and numerous others.

Stuart is recognized in academia as a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow and a Trustee on the Board of The California Institute of Integral Studies.

Since 2008, Stuart has been the media producer for the The National Physician of the Year Awards presented by Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd. ( In this context, he has worked with and interviewed the most important physicians, scientists and researchers in modern medicine, telling the stories of the men and women whose work has impacted the lives of millions of people throughout the world.