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Injectable Fillers Produce Youthful Appearance

Injectable Fillers Produce Youthful Appearance The latest strategy to overcome wrinkles, sagging facial flesh, bony hands and flappy earlobes is under-the-skin injections of cosmetic fillers with exotic names like Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, ArteFill, Juvéderm, Ultra Plus and Perlane. The idea behind all of these fillers is to i... Read More

Skin Blistering Disease EBS addressed with Broccoli

Skin Blistering Disease EBS addressed with Broccoli As your mother always told you, eating vegetables is healthy. A special chemical present in broccoli and related vegetables helps to prevent the effects of EBS (epidemolysis bullosa simplex), a rare and sometimes fatal genetic disease that causes blistering and skin breakage. Read More

Winterizing Your Skin

Winterizing Your Skin Once autumn arrives, Michael Panella can be found spending a lot of time outdoors. He loves taking on home projects that allow him to work in his back yard. But, the dropping temperature causes Michael’s rosacea, a flushing and redness of the skin, to flare up. “My cheeks, the bridge of my no... Read More

Men and Skin Protection

Men and Skin Protection With the waning weeks of summer, this is the time that we’re hitting the pools and beaches strong, trying to catch the last vestiges of the sun. But men, listen up: you don’t worry enough about your skin, according to the latest research. It's almost like you have to whack it into the brains o... Read More

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