Six Rules to Get Excellent Cosmetic Facial Treatment

Posted by Admin on March 18, 2009
In these trying economic times, people who feel the need for cosmetic facial treatments may be tempted to cut corners and seek professional help from a low-cost provider who may not be properly accredited, trained or supplied. The result could be a “horror story.” That’s why the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors recently issued a public statement warning of the problems connected with “discount injectables,” the quality of which may not be assured, and which may be administered by fly-by-night practitioners. Their warning is applicable to the U.S. scene, as well, where many thousands of Americans may be contemplating treatments with Botox, dermal fillers and the like.

“In times of economic uncertainty,” said British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) President John Curran, “people turn to non-surgical cosmetic treatments, as they are cheaper than cosmetic surgery and provide an immediate result. However, we are concerned that people may be tempted to ‘shop around’ for cheaper treatments, which could lead to a surge in horror stories if administered by poorly trained practitioners. The unregulated dermal filler market is particularly open to abuse, as without clear regulation it is a ‘buyers beware’ market. Cosmetic dermatology must be delivered in a safe medical environment by a competent, well-trained health-care professional who makes the patient’s interests his or her first concern.”
To help protect the public, the BACD issued the following six rules:
1) A cosmetic doctor should be GMC-registered – or, in American terminology, board-certified. In Britain, patients who undergo Botox, Vistabel or Dysport treatments must be checked by a doctor.
2) A cosmetic physician should be a member of the BACD – or, in America, of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons or a similar professional organization.
3) Patients should be skeptical of advertisements for special offers and time-limited price discounting.
4) Patients should try to find a doctor through the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member. Check the practitioner’s qualifications and experience, especially through the AAPS website,
5) Patients should have a personal consultation with the physician overseeing the treatment.

6) Patients should try not to go abroad for cosmetic treatments unless the provider offers excellent arrangements for follow-up and the management of any problems that might arise.

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