Simon Rosenberg, DMD on Ways to Rebuild Teeth

Posted by Admin on June 2, 2010

For years we always wanted to be able to rebuild enamel, well there are some great news from researchers around the country and they've been studying a numbers of genes and one of them goes by the name called C-TIP2 actually has other functions in the immune system which is why scientists have been studying it, but then they found that this is the initiator gene for the production for enamel and now in a petri dish we can now grow isolated enamel from lab animals and with the human genome project hopefully one day we will be able to grow human enamel which we can't imitate and any artificial materials.

We come close in some of our ceramics and dental porcelines but use of actual human enamel would be an incredible plus in the field of dentistry. Our vision of course would be to be able to have you come in, isolate a tooth, paint on this initiator gene, put on a solution of nutrient materials and watch the enamel that's been lost due to grinding or cavity be refilled in a biological material that would use your genes but, right now it's in the research bench and scientists are working on it and we look forward to that being a possibility in the future.


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