Robert Shick, DMD on the Advantages of Different Enamel Types

Posted by Admin on June 2, 2010
I do agree with this story. There are many research that I have read from the American Dental Association about developing new tooth. Coating would be great because restorations we used such as composites and amalgams do great but have their defects because they are not as strong as our natural teeth.

One of the things about amalgams or silver fillings is that it has mercury and lots of people try to avoid it. That is one of the strongest fillings we do. Composite has drawbacks, they look great but they do break occationally and also has food radicals that we try to avoid. Unfortunately, with composites exists in our teeth and we don't realize that.

With the development of these enamels, that would be awsome because what we could do prep with the materials and let it form like the natural tooth and helps the person with their bite so they feel comfortable. This type of enamel coating helps protect people who grinds their teeth from wearing aware their natural teeth. This will benefit them from any pain caused. Also, this type of enamel could help for people who clinch their teeth and alleviate TMJ.

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