Robert Grant, M.D. on Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Posted by Admin on September 8, 2010

The article is a tad misleading. While lasers are able to accomplish as much as older techniques, such as dermabrasion and chemical peels, they are not perfect for every indication. There are many different types of lasers required to treat the wide spectrum of cosmetic concerns patients can have.

Certainly lasers are more predictable and more controllable than some older techniques. II think this improves patients’ safety and provides improved outcomes. Patients need to know that it requires a full-spectrum of different kinds of lasers to treat  different problems. The laser that is used for the face to improve line and wrinkles is different from the laser that is used to treat birthmarks, discoloration or large pores. Also, there are different laser energies that can be used to treat the same indication.  

The commonest area that I see lasers used for cosmetic purposes is for facial rejuvenation. There are many laser systems that can help patients get good results. However, the improvement is different from the dramatic affects from open surgery.

Needless to say, there also has been a transition in what is available over the last decades. Earlier generations of lasers had significant healing and recovery times associated with them. New generations of lasers offer a faster healing time, but because there is less injury to the tissues that are being rejuvenated at first, it may take more treatments and more time for the results to be noticeable.

Bottom line is that there is no one laser that treats everything. And no one laser surgeon can make a machine do everything that a patient may want it to do. Therefore, it is important to talk to the person performing the laser surgery to make sure they have the appropriate laser and appropriate skills so that they are treating the problems that will get you the results you deserve.


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