Ridding the Body of Toxic Chemicals

Posted by Admin on June 22, 2011
In the society of today, many toxic chemicals are make their way into our environment and become filtered into our food sources. As a result, our bodies have become a dumping ground for dangerous chemicals like acrylamide, sodium nitrate, hydrogenated oils, and phytic acid. Some people have foreign substances in the body that were never intended for the human body - such as mercury, lead, rocket fuel among others. We still know little about the long term effects these substances can have on the systems of the human body.

A CBC news article has found that the U.S. standard for acceptable lead concentrations in the blood of children, at 10 micrograms per deciliter, is connected with a staggering five point decline in IQ. Over the course of the study, a total of 194 children were followed from six months through age 6, after which their IQs had been tested.

The study measured lead concentrations in children’s bloodstream at six months, one year, two years, three, four, five, and six years of age. Researchers discovered that the higher the concentration of lead in the child’s bloodstream, the lower the IQ scores. Considering the recall of numerous children’s products over the years, including toys, jewelry, pacifiers, and paint brushes, more needs be done to limit out exposure to such toxic substances.

Well, what can we do if our bloodstreams have become a dumping ground for toxic chemicals? One solution is through a detoxification period to rectify nutritional problems and encourage the body to replace damaged cells and purge the internal build-up of toxins. For certain fat-soluble toxins or heavy metals, natural chelating agents, like chlorella and cilantro, are one option to begin detoxifying the body.

Fasting is another effective way to cleanse the body. Though there are many fasting approaches, a popular method is through eating only vegetables and fruit. The purpose of such a fast is to provide your digestive system and metabolism with a rest, while the rest of the body begins its repairs.

The US spends approximately 3.5 percent of its entire healthcare budget, approximately $76.6 billion in 2008, managing the harmful effects of environmental toxic chemicals on children. Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine stress that new laws are necessary to address new chemical testing as well as those already in use.

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