Remedy or Ripoff Sugarest

Posted by Admin on February 22, 2007
What’s your weakness? Where does your sweet tooth do you in? Carly Kayser says, “Fun Dip has got to be my favorite. It's a sugar stick, dipped into sugar.” But what if want to resist the sugar?

Introducing Sugarest! The claim: instant will power! “i don’t believe it,” says doubter Mike Diaz. We went to the world famous Economy Candy in New York. We found Robin, who had a hankerin’ for chocolate covered jelly rings. “I drove by, I couldn't resist,” she says. We had Robin chew Sugarest. And then the jelly ring a try.

“I can't taste it, I really can't. You don't want to eat chocolate after that.” No chocolate! What about carlie kayser’s fun dip after chewing Sugarest for a minute? “I don't really taste the sugar or anything good. Doesn't taste that great.” Sugarest contains gymnemna sylvestre, an indian herb which temporarily blocks the sweet taste receptors on the tongue. Any sweet food or drink can’t be tasted..

 Both Carly and Robin say they would use the product. And remember doubting Mike? What happens to his donut after taking Sugarest? “It is like eating a piece of chalk or something, I don’t think I am going to finish it right now,” Mike admits.

 George Kontonotas, President of Genotech Corporation which makes Sugarest, says, “You still have the ability to take salty things that the receptors on your tongue or sour things. So the whole product tastes entirely different.” It’ll ruin your coke or Hawaiian Punch. “It is disgusting actually,” Kevin says as he puts down his Hawaiian Punch.

And Sugarest makes ice cream undesirable. David, an ice cream lover, said, “It is awkward; I never had this experience before of tasting ice cream that is plain. I am going to go throw that away now.” So, for around thirty minutes or so after taking the Sugarest, candy cigarettes won’t tastes so good--not that they taste good in the first place.

 Anyway, it appears candy cigarettes aren’t the only cigarettes that Sugarest works on. “Cigarettes contain sweeteners, licorice basically. Having that desired taste that they normally experience with that cigarette they smoke is no longer there, and they don't want to smoke for a period of time,” states Mr. Kontonotas.

 Carmine gave it a shot. “I threw out the cigarette, it didn’t taste good, says Carmine. Cigarettes…and candy! Too bad Sugarest wasn’t there for Augustus Gloop. Sugarest will last approximately thirty minutes after taking it.

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