Peter Ferraro, D.C. on Living a Long, Full Life

Posted by Admin on November 9, 2010
I found this article to be quite interesting based on what I currently see in my practice. Utilizing these 4 predictors people can understanding why they can't achieve some of their personal goals, whether it be in weight loss or general health. By offering patients a multiple-specialty approach that incorporates exercise, correct eating habits and nutritional supplementation, I feel strongly about beating some of those factors that we can't control, such as how old your Mom was when she gave birth or what genetic makeup you may possess.

We currently run a gene snippet analysis in our practice -- which our patients can order in their overall health assessment. This gives them the best opportunity to move in a positive direction regardless of what their familial history predisposes them to. That information, along with nutritional analysis and good common sense, can arm the patient with the necessary tools to lead a prosperous and healthy life.

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