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Children Should Exercise to Ward off Osteoporosis

Children Should Exercise to Ward off Osteoporosis For teens, playing football, soccer, or running for at least three hours a week could aid in counteracting the potential damage to bone health caused by extended time sitting. An international team of researchers have discovered evidence that adolescents who invest long hours in particular sed... Read More

High-Impact Exercise Improves Adolescent Bone Strength

High-Impact Exercise Improves Adolescent Bone Strength Exercises that involve high impact movements like jumping and skipping have been found to have the greatest benefits for adolescent bone health. A simple ten minute school based intervention, provided twice a week for eight weeks, resulted in a noticeable improvement in bone and muscle strengt... Read More

Plaster Casts Speed Sprain Recovery

Plaster Casts Speed Sprain Recovery     Contradicting long-standing traditional notions that sprained ankles can best be healed through tubular bandages and “walking it off,” a recent study showed that full-immobilization plaster casts work far better in recovery from sprains.     &nbs... Read More

Normal Puberty

Normal Puberty Here's something most of us don't feel very comfortable discussing: the menstrual cycle in adolescent girls. And that's exactly why the American academy of pediatrics has just released a paper, not only for parents but also for doctors to clearly define what is normal to expect in puberty and... Read More

Teens and Cutting

Teens and Cutting There is new research released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics on self-mutilation among students--where they literally harm themselves, mostly because they are hurting psychologically. It if weren't such a large, random study, the numbers would be unbelievable. But this is a huge ... Read More

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