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Laser Technique Treats Diseased Gum Tissue

Laser Technique Treats Diseased Gum Tissue There was a time not too long ago when dentists had to treat serious gum disease through highly invasive oral bone surgery. However a new laser technique eliminates all the unpleasant cutting and stitches. The laser removes deteriorating gum tissue (while leaving health tissue intact), restore... Read More

Overcoming Dental Phobia

Overcoming Dental Phobia Some Americans avoid a visit to the dentist for years due to an extreme fear of setting forth in a dental clinic. However, these Americans may be setting themselves up to encounter potentially life-threatening health problems. If dental decay advances and gums are allowed to deteriorate unchec... Read More

Saving Badly Diseased Teeth More Trouble Than It's Worth

Saving Badly Diseased Teeth More Trouble Than It's Worth In recent years, it was common practice for dentists to perform repeat root canals and other procedures in an effort to say teeth compromised by extensive decay, gum disease, and bone loss. Recently, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry has said that this no longer necessary and patients ... Read More

Anesthesia Found to Elevate Alzheimer's Protein

Anesthesia Found to Elevate Alzheimer's Protein When the brain undergoes slight dips in temperature, such as occur during dental or surgical anesthesia, a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease builds up faster in brain cells, according to a recent report. Read More


Camine! Toda esa información contradictoria sobre por cuanto tiempo ejercitar, que ejercicios hacer, y la manera apropiada de hacerlos puede resultar muy frustrante. El puro pensamiento de hacerse socio de un gimnasio- los pagos de membresía, los aromas del vestuario, y la gente que parece vivir ahí... Read More

Whitening ToothPaste

Whitening ToothPaste So you want to flash those pearly whites? Sure you can get yourself lasered, you can go to your dentist to get bleached, but what about the low tech method: toothpaste. Dr. Marc Liechtung, a cosmetic dentist and owner of this laser whitening center, says they do have a role. “These prod... Read More

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