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Hundreds of Strokes Found to Be Avoidable

Hundreds of Strokes Found to Be Avoidable Is there a way that we can avoid the major debilitating impact of an unexpected stroke? The answer is "yes" according to research done at the University of Manchester. Read More

Tai Chi Increases Seniors' Immunity

Tai Chi Increases Seniors' Immunity A Chinese form of martial art that's also a meditation and exercise discipline shows a remarkable ability to boost immunity in older people, according to recent research. This is on top of studies that have already demonstrated that the martial art, known as tai chi, lowers blood pressure, im... Read More

Alzheimer's and Exercise

Alzheimer's and Exercise There is a growing body of evidence that shows that people can delay and even prevent the onset of dementia by living a healthier lifestyle when young, and that includes exercising. We don't completely understand what triggers Alzheimer's disease and dementia in general. For decades doctors ... Read More

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