New Excimer Laser

Posted by Admin on April 26, 2007
New Excimer Laser Breakthrough Excimer Laser technology is leading to unprecedented results in the field of eye correction.

New Excimer Laser In the field of vision correction, the FDA approved Wavelight Allegretto is one of several new excimer lasers setting the standard. The technology incorporated into the Wavelight applies precise laser pulses that adapt to each eye's unique shape.

The machine also utilizes active eye tracking technology to read eye movement 200 times per second to ensure safety. The machine smoothly reforms the eye structure to provide vision that exceeds the limitations of nature. "In my experience, the best results for my patients have come from the Wavelight-in terms of best vision, 20/20 or better. Also in the quality of vision they obtain. A better quality, sharper, more distinct vision of any laser out there."

 This new excimer laser technology makes it possible to achieve vision beyond 20/20. The SurgiVision Regulatory Consultants of Scottsdale, AZ conducted a randomized clinical study of 374 eyes treated in five US centers over six months. The results found that 93 percent of patients achieved 100 percent vision or better. Additionally, one year after treatment, nearly 60% of nearsighted patients achieved 20/16 vision which is significantly sharper than 20/20.

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