New Breast Implant To Be Silicone Alternative

Posted by Admin on December 28, 2009
Women who undergo breast augmentation are left with deciding whether they want the natural look of silicone gel or the safety of saline. New technology known as the IDEAL IMPLANT Saline-filled Breast Implant looks to offer the best of both options. Clinical trials are underway for the first major new breast implant technology in over 20 years.

The novel implant technology was designed by plastic surgeon expert, Dr. Robert Hamas, M.D., and consists of a series of implant shells of increasing size nested together. The internal perforated shells control saline movement to reduce sloshing and bouncing. The IDEAL IMPLANT is also designed to conform to the chest wall with the edge low, to minimize unattractive wrinkling on the sides often associated with saline implants.

In spite of recent FDA approval of silicone gel implants, saline implants represent about 60 percent of all breast augmentations, which reflect women’s desire for the safety and benefits of saline. The IDEAL IMPLANT offers results similar to silicone gel but without the safety concerns of difficulty detecting silent ruptures requiring MRI scans, diffusion of small silicone compounds into surrounding tissues, and other possible long-term side effects.

Dr. Hamas explains the significance of the new technology, “With advances in healthcare technology and an awakening of environmental consciousness, Americans are more aware of what we put into our bodies than ever before- we eat organic food, avoid pesticides, and scrutinize labels. Women seeking breast augmentation are increasingly informed about the potential risks and benefits. I designed the IDEAL IMPLANT to meet the needs of today’s woman, who want a natural result but prefer the safety of saline.”

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