More Benefits From Drinking Red Wine

Posted by Admin on April 8, 2011
Would you like a list of the benefits of drinking wine? Here are nine good reasons to drink... in moderation. And even a novel one... wine drinking might prevent the common cold.

1. A 12 year study from  at Amsterdam's VU University Medical Center, published in Diabetes Care in 2005, showed that moderate drinkers have 30 percent less risk than nondrinkers of developing type 2 diabetes.

2. Procyanidin protects against heart disease. Procyanidin  is found in red-wine tannins and Mediterranean wines may contain more procyanidins than other wines. The information is found in a study at Queen Mary University in London, published in Nature, 2006.

3. If you have high blood pressure moderate driking may reduce the likelihood of heart attacks. Information is from a report in a 16 year study done by the Harvard School of Public Health, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 2007.

4.  A 2007 Finnish study that covered almost 2500 men over a 29 year period showed that wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than those who drank beer or hard liquor. Journal of Gerontology 2007.

5. Drinking in moderation may even reduce the risk of cataracts. The Icelandic study published in a 2003 issue of Nature showed that wine drinkers fared better than beer drinkers in reducing the risk of cataracts.

6. Columbia University looked at more than 3000 moderate drinkers over an eight-year period. The result demonstrated a 50 percent reduction in the possibility of suffering a blood clot–related stroke. The report was published in Stroke in 2006.

 7. A 2005 Stony Brook University study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology demonstrated a 45% reduction in the risk of colon cancer from those who drank red wine moderately.

8. Another 2006 Columbia University study pointed to the evidence that moderate drinking prevented the decline of brain function.

9. And now when it comes to colds, there are studies that show alcohol may not cure a cold once you have it, but it may be a good preventive.

Two large studies have shown that while moderate drinking will not cure a cold, it can help keep infections at bay. The first study, conducted by Carnegie Mellon in 1993, looked at nearly 400 adults and found that resistance to colds increased with moderate alcohol consumption.

In 2002 a second study in Spain followed the habits of 4,300 healthy adults, as well as their susceptibility to colds. The researchers found no relations between the incidence of colds and consumption of beer, spirits, Vitamin C, or zinc.

But drinking 8 to 14 glasses of wine per week, particularly red wine, was linked to as much as a 60 percent reduction in the risk of developing a cold. Scientists suspect this may be related to the antioxidant properties in wine.

However, doctors warn that the key is drinking in moderation. The benefits of wine drinking, and all alcohol consumption follow a J-curve. In that excessive drinking is highly risky in almost all categories of health and has been linked to everything from cancer to diabetes to liver, kidney and pancreatic damage.

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