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Mens Health Facts For the Month of Movember Infographic

Mens Health Facts For the Month of Movember Infographic Movember is a global movement with the goal of increasing awareness of men's health issues, with the focus mainly on treating prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health problems. With the mustache as the iconic symbol, Movember encourages men to invest in their own wellness by start... Read More

Exercises You Can Do at Your Office

Over and over again we are confronted with this important health issue: We all need more exercise. However, the hyper-busy digitally oriented lifestyle of today - 2013 spending 8 to 12 hours hovering in front of a computer screen - 2013 makes the ideal of 30 minutes a day of exercise seem like... Read More

Men Can Lower Mortality Risk with Daily Exercise

Men Can Lower Mortality Risk with Daily Exercise Increasing daily exercise levels decreases the risk of death among African-American and Caucasian men, according to research examining the connection between fitness and mortality in over 15,000 participants. The study was first reported in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. Read More

Protecting Knees: Rehab and "Prehab"

Protecting Knees: Rehab and Knee pain caused by osteoarthritis can affect your flexibility and ability to function. One option for treatment is arthroscopic surgery, but for those who wish to avoid or delay surgery, there are ways to alleviate arthritis pain without surgery. Read More

Protect Your Knees: Exercise

Protect Your Knees: Exercise Taking care of your knees is important, and something that's been debated for a while is whether or not exercise is helpful or harmful to knees. However, a new report released by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) titled "What is the Effect of Physical Activity on the Knee Joint? A... Read More

Genes and Addiction

Genes and Addiction For several years, researchers have been trying to find a relationship between genetics and addiction. A recent study has show that people who have are drug addicted have a genetic makeup of lower gray matter density in the areas of the brain that are essential for decision-making, self-contro... Read More

Alcohol Consumption Linked to Higher Cancer Risk

Alcohol Consumption Linked to Higher Cancer Risk While alcohol is commonly used as a social lubricant, recent studies have linked alcohol consumption to aging and also an increased cancer risk. The organic chemical compound acetaldehyde which is responsible for hangovers also represents an increased risk of cancer, particularly to heavy drin... Read More

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Advancements

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Advancements Prostate cancer can be tricky to diagnosis, and because of it 40% of men with prostate cancer may be unaware they have it, according to researcher by the Prostate Cancer Foundation in Chicago. However, new innovations in diagnostics that have recently been developed that can help improve those... Read More

Study Suggests Ways to Have a Safer Spring Break

Study Suggests Ways to Have a Safer Spring Break For many spring break is a time honored tradition, a chance to get a little sun and celebrate time off from school before the push of finals. However, over the years spring break has also become synonymous with teens engaging in risky behavior, including binge drinking and casual hookups. For ... Read More

Relationship Between Obesity and Testosterone Levels

Relationship Between Obesity and Testosterone Levels Endocrinologists at the University of Buffalo have published a report in Diabetes Care that 40 percent of obese participants involved in the Hypogonadism in Males (HIM) study had lower-than-normal testosterone readings. In addition, the study revealed there was an inverse relationship between ... Read More

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