Melanoma Articles & Stories:

Vitamin D Improves Bowel and Skin Cancer Survival

Vitamin D Improves Bowel and Skin Cancer Survival Higher levels of vitamin D may help improve survival for both skin and bowel cancer patients, according to research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The first study followed over 1000 bowel cancer patients for around nine years. Using information gained about sunlight exposure, ... Read More

Expert Commentary: Dr. Tauseef Ahmed, M.D., April 30, 2009

Expert Commentary: Dr. Tauseef Ahmed, M.D., April 30, 2009 I think a better term for the therapies recently reported in Cancer Research would be targeted small molecules. Nanoparticles are formulations of various chemotherapeutic drugs that improve the delivery of chemotherapy. The most commonly used nanoparticle medication is nanoparticle bound pa... Read More

Viruses Being Used to Fight Cancer

Viruses Being Used to Fight Cancer It’s common knowledge that viruses make us sick. But a new, counterintuitive logic is coming into play in the war on cancer, namely, that viruses can also make us well.     So far, the results of various genetically engineered virus studies are tentative and are just beg... Read More

Infinitesimal Bundles Obliterate Cancer Cells

Infinitesimal Bundles Obliterate Cancer Cells How to poison cancer cells without poisoning the rest of the body? That was the key question in a recent study, which appeared in the American Cancer Society's Nano Letters, in which scientists developed bundles of cancer-cell poison wrapped in a harmless sheath that were so minute they were... Read More

What is the Polypill?

What is the Polypill? Dr. Valentin Fuster discusses the Polypill. The Polypill is being developed in response to an important reality surrounding cardiovascular disease. There are three important drugs that can help prevent heart disease (statins, ACE inhibitors, and aspirin). These drugs are not taken for two maj... Read More

Men and Skin Protection

Men and Skin Protection With the waning weeks of summer, this is the time that we’re hitting the pools and beaches strong, trying to catch the last vestiges of the sun. But men, listen up: you don’t worry enough about your skin, according to the latest research. It's almost like you have to whack it into the brains o... Read More

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