Mediterranean Diet Compound Makes Cancer Cells 'Mortal'

Posted by Admin on February 22, 2016

A key way that cancer cells are able to grow unchecked is by blocking a mechanism that would trigger their death on a regular cycle that is subject to strict programming. Led by Ohio State University researchers, this study has found that a compound within certain plant-based foods, known as apigenin, could halt breast cancer cells from preventing their own demise.

A great deal of what is known about the health benefits of nutrients is the result of epidemiological studies that have found links between consumption of specific foods and improved health outcomes, especially a reduction in heart disease. But the process behind the function of the actual molecules within these healthy foods remains a mystery in many cases, and especially with regards to foods linked to lower risk for cancer.

Foods known to be common sources of apigenin are celery, parsley, and chamomile tea. However, it is also found in a number of fruits and vegetables.  Researchers also demonstrated that apigenin can bind with close to 160 proteins in the human body, indicating that other nutrients connected to health benefits &n