Mark Meyer, M.D. on Ways to Reduce Triglycerides

Posted by Admin on July 8, 2010
Triglycerides have been traditionally viewed as one of the lesser important markers for coronary artery disease. But lately has been changing. Elevated triglycerides have often been a marker for a syndrome called metabolic syndrome. This is a syndrome that involves truncal obesity, high triglycerides, low good cholesterol, known as HDL, can also be compared with impaired fasting glucose. Another word for that is pre-diabetes. Therefore with high triglycerides there is always the concern of diabetes looming. This is very important because once a patient becomes diabetic regardless of how tightly the blood sugar is controlled.

The consequences of diabetes, including coronary artery disease, stroke, kidney disease and peripheral artery disease cannot be fully prevented. Reduction of triglycerides is a consequence of dietary and exercise changes. And in my own practice I always send my patients to nutritionist because triglycerides can lurk where one might not expect to find them.

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