Malcolm Roth, M.D., FACS, on Brand Name Surgery Dangers

Posted by Admin on May 24, 2010
I think it is really important for patients to do their homework. There are so many brand name trademark procedures that sound really hot, sexy and easy. But minor surgery is something, I like to say, done on somebody else. Major surgery is something done on yourself. Even the smallest of procedures needs to be taken seriously.

Even what sounds like a slam-dunk, easy procedure requires extensive training.  You want to make sure that the individual doing the procedure is trained in all types of surgeries and non-invasive procedures and that they have all the safety measures,  such as an accredited facility – and a transfer arrangement so that a patient can be transferred rapidly to a hospital if necessary.

And physicians should have privileges to do this type of procedure in a hospital where there is peer review. If they are only doing this in their office – and that is the only place they can do it -- and if they don’t have  privileges at a hospital - where patient safety is a primary concern --  then  you probably don’t want them doing it on you.

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