Low Vitamin D Linked to Cognitive Impairment in Elderly

Posted by Admin on April 15, 2009

Elderly people with low levels of vitamin D in their blood have a 130 percent greater risk of developing cognitive impairment than people with high levels, a recent study showed. Cognitive impairment is a transitional phase between normal aging and dementia.     “Our results suggest that high levels of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D are associated with lower odds of cognitive impairment,” reported David J. Llewellyn, of Britain’s Cambridge University, and his fellow researchers in the Journal of Geriatric Psychology and Neurology .

In the study, the research team did a cross-sectional examination of 1,766 people age 65 and older in the Health Survey for England 2000. Each person had his blood vitamin D measured, and each was tested for cognitive impairment with the Abbreviated Mental Test Score.
It was found that 212 of the 1,766, or 12 percent, were cognitively impaired. Normal subjects had the highest levels of blood vitamin D, while fully half of the cognitively impaired had the lowest levels of the vitamin.
In an analysis that ruled out the influence of other variables, the researchers found that participants with the lowest levels of blood vitamin D were 2.3 times, or 130 percent, more likely to suffer cognitive impairment than their high-vitamin-D counterparts.
Evidence from test-tube and animal studies shows that vitamin D has a protective effect on nerves – but how that happens is unknown. What is known is that many cells – including neurons and glia (nervous-system cells that support, protect, nourish and insulate neurons) – have receptors for the vitamin. The Llewellyn team said there is growing “evidence for previously unsuspected roles for vitamin D in brain development and neuroprotection.”
They called for further research to determine whether high blood vitamin D levels protect against cognitive impairment in more diverse populations, and to find if vitamin D supplements provide a shield against memory disorders.


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