Local Anaesthesia for Hair Loss

Posted by Admin on July 30, 2007
New technologies make hair transplant operations virtually pain free. For many people suffering from hair loss, the thought of undergoing hair transplantation always raises one major question. How much pain is involved? The answer is to that question lies with new computerized anesthestic technology. The CompuMed system utilizes a micoprocessor which controls the infusion and pressure of local anaesthesia that is delivered to the skin.

"Local anaesthesia blocks the sensation of pain in the skin. By applying that, patients really don't feel anything that we're doing. The nature of these procedures is such that they can be conducted safely and comfortably without putting someone asleep or using a more significant level of general anaesthesia."

The CompuMed system is a safer alternative to general anaesthesia for surgeons conducting specialized operations. Patients treated with local anaesthesia can resume daily activities after a procedure without the side effects associated with general anaesthesia.

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