Lasik Night Vision Difficulties Can Be Prevented

Posted by Admin on July 28, 2011
Laser eye surgery can often result in problems with a patients' night vision - problems that can include night glare, haloes, and rings. However these problems can be reduced, and possibly eliminated altogether with practices that include proper patient screening, skilled manipulation of surgical techniques and use of the latest eximer laser technology.

Every possibly Lasik candidate must be evaluated in regards to the severity of their astigmatism and nearsightedness, as well as the size of their pupils. People who suffer from severe myopia or astigmatism, or have pupils of great diameter, have been found to be at the highest risk for encountering night vision problems in the period following Lasik surgery.

After an eye surgeon has performed his evaluation, the physician can then adjust the Lasik procedure to fit the patient’s unique circumstances, or reject the patient as an unqualified candidate with a high risk for failure. With the technology of today, eye surgeons have the option to create a “blend zone” surrounding the laser treatment region.

Physicians can create and manipulate this blend zone in ways that can potentially reduce or prevent night-vision difficulties entirely. In many cases such surgery has already eliminated night-vision problems for many patients who encountered them before their Lasik procedure.

However, since the Lasik procedure is a form of surgery, it does result in trauma and swelling. This means that some degree of night glare, rings, or haloes are expected during the first few weeks following the procedure. However, these conditions usually fade as the corneal flap heals and swelling becomes minimal.

For patients who need further vision correction after undergoing refractive vision surgery, SynergEyes has recently launched a revolutionary hybrid contact lens. This post-surgical lens is designed exclusively for patients who have encountered some form of corneal trauma or suffer from degenerative vision disorders.

Since LASIK reshapes the eye permanently, traditional contact lenses and glasses are inadequate for providing additional correction. The contact lens developed by SynergEyes has been designed to restore vision problems to these patients with consistent, predictable eyesight, even at night.

The SynergEyes hybrid contact lenses are made up of two combined materials – a rigid gas permeable center with an outer skirt consisting of a soft lens. The “hybrid” design connects a hard and soft contact lens together resulting in a unique vision correction alternative that results in clear vision for surgically altered corneas.

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