Khaled Hassan, M.D. on Stress Urinary Incontinence Operations

Posted by Admin on July 16, 2010
For stress urinary incontinence in women, there are several treatment options, the conservative option and the surgical option. The conservative option is the Kegel exercise and biofeedback. The surgical option is the minimally invasive sling procedure.

A recent article was published comparing two procedures, in which one is called the transobturator and the other one is called the retropubic.  In my experience, both of them are almost equal in their success, but transobturator approach has a lower risk of bladder and bowel injury. 

Also patient selection is very important in minimizing these complications in the retropubic approach.  And surgeon experience is very important. That is why you need to utilize the expertise of an urogynecologist or somebody who does female urology.

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