James A. Sapala M.D., F.A.C.S on Clumsiness and Obesity's Connection

Posted by Admin on June 16, 2010
When a youngster does not have well developed coordinated movements, frequently this can lead to the child becoming dejected and they lose the camaraderie they have with their playmates. And as a consequence, there's a certain degree of isolationism. This frequently leads to depression, and food becomes a buddy, a confidant, a friend. Kids look for comfort in food.

If you take a young child who can not participate in sports,is isolated, and using food as a friend; and couple that with the incredible access we have to the fast food industry, then that's a deadly combination. We're seeing diabetes in 10 year olds, high blood pressure in 12 year olds; it's just amazing. Also, we know historically that if a youngster is significantly overweight at an early age then there is a very good possibility that the obesity will be carried into adulthood. This will really drive up the cost of medical care, because then it becomes a life-long issue.

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