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A Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Stroke

A Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Stroke While there are things you can't control, much of health is affected by the diet and lifestyle choices you make. In fact a recent article in the medical journal Stroke claims that people who lead a healthy lifestyle have an 80% lower risk of first time stroke compared to those who do not. Stro... Read More

Chiropractic's Effect on Learning Disorders and Dyslexia

Chiropractic's Effect on Learning Disorders and Dyslexia Chiropractic care of the spine may stimulate nerve pathways to an area of the brain important to learning, resulting in enormous benefits to children with learning disabilities and dyslexia, according to a recent study. "This review critically assessed eight previously published studies in... Read More

Eight Strategies to Reduce Triglycerides

Eight Strategies to Reduce Triglycerides High triglycerides in your bloodstream can be just as much a danger signal for the health of your heart as high cholesterol, according to the Harvard Heart Letter. Trouble is, people's awareness of the threat of cholesterol, hyped in the media for years, is far greater than that of triglyceri... Read More

Seven Anxiety-Fighting Foods

Seven Anxiety-Fighting Foods Step aside, Prozac and Valium, and make way for some natural alternatives that, while they might not do as dramatic a job at relieving anxiety, certainly have the anxiety-relieving benefit that they have no nasty side effects whatever. Berries. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries... Read More

The Impact of the Superstress Condition

The Impact of the Superstress Condition The Superstress Solution really is a handbook describing a new condition. A condition of extreme toxic stress, which I call Superstress. Now many people don't really know what Superstress is, and there are four characteristics that are hallmarks of this condition. Read More

A Cancer Therapy Nearing Breakthrough

A Cancer Therapy Nearing Breakthrough An approach to treating cancer known as monoclonal antibody therapy, that has already effectively proven itself, is on the threshold of becoming yet more powerful, according to an overview of recent research. "We believe that antibody therapy has the capacity to immunize people against cancer,... Read More

NIH Endorses Alternative Therapies for Back Pain

NIH Endorses Alternative Therapies for Back Pain In the midst of the debate on healthcare, it may be interesting to note to what extent the Federal government is changing its bureaucratic mindset about what is good medicine and healthcare. The evidence: The National Institute of Health's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medi... Read More

Japanese Kampo Medicine

Japanese Kampo Medicine The American public is becoming more accepting of innovative forms of medical treatment. Today most Western educated physicians accept acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a valid and alternative form of treatment for many medical issues, often supplementing standard medical practices and in so... Read More

Doctor Stirs Furor Over "Cure" for Alcoholism

Doctor Stirs Furor Over An alcoholism-conquering testimonial by a French cardiologist is helping an obscure muscle relaxant become a lightning rod in the global medical community.     Olivier Ameisen, one of the top heart specialists in France and an associate professor of medicine at Cornell Universi... Read More

Want a Good Sex Life? Drugs to Avoid

Want a Good Sex Life? Drugs to Avoid Today's pharmaceuticals have saved many lives and improved the quality of life for millions. But almost all such drugs have side effects that range from the merely annoying to the downright ugly. Such is the case with four common classes of pharmaceuticals that have been shown to have a disru... Read More

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