Health Wrap - Week of June 5th

Posted by Admin on June 9, 2006

The cervical cancer vaccine that was approved Thursday called Gardisil also appears to protect women against vulvar and vaginal cancers. HPV, or human papillomavirus, is present in 80 percent of the 6,000 cases of vaginal and vulvar cancers diagnosed in the United States each year. The Gardasil vaccine was 100 percent effective against vulvar and vaginal pre-cancerous lesions caused by HPV types 16 and 18, and 81 percent effective against all hpv types. --- The power of persuasion might be found in a cup of coffee. New research shows caffeine makes us more likely to say yes. Australian scientists found it was easier to change the opinions of volunteers who drank orange juice laced with caffeine compared to those who drank straight orange juice without caffeine. Positive mood is associated with more agreeability. This might be particularly useful if you’re trying to get someone to like you…so a cup of coffee might be a great first date.

So if you were tired and had to drive, what would you do? If you said, take a nap or have some coffee….man you’re smart! You know what apparently some medical researchers didn’'t know, or just had to prove to themselves.

New research in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that driving performance was better after drinking half a cup of coffee or taking a 30-minute nap than when drinking decaffeinated coffee or not taking a nap. Perhaps the most interesting thing of the driving study was that the cup of coffee didn'’t later interfere with quality of sleep.

And in another study, a hospital divided a group of medical interns into a group that could take an uninterrupted nap during long shifts and a group that did not have this opportunity. it appears, shockingly, the nap group was less tired, even after only a short nap.

An editorial writer says that sleep deprivation is a growing problem in the workplace. He writes "a nap followed by a cup of coffee may save a life." So when you’re sleeping on the job, and you get caught, tell the boss you’re doing what’s best for the company…but we didn’t tell you to say that!


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