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Stem Cells Help Reduce Kidney Transplant Rejection

Stem Cells Help Reduce Kidney Transplant Rejection Conducting a kidney transplant with stem cells has the capability of improving outcomes and decreases the need for some immunosuppressive therapy, according to researchers from the University of Miami. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Read More

Weight Loss Surgery May Treat Liver Disease

Weight Loss Surgery May Treat Liver Disease A harmful liver condition that is often a result of obesity appears to be overcome amongst a majority of patients following the results of bariatric surgery, according to a published report. Obesity has grown in recent years from afflicting 15 percent of the population in 1980 to 32.9 percent ... Read More

Do Teaching Hospitals Offer Better Value?

Do Teaching Hospitals Offer Better Value? Many teaching hospitals are known for their cutting edge technology and various specialty services for treating highly sophisticated conditions. They are often the first choice when a loved one is facing a serious health crisis. But in today's world, where value-based care and healthcare refor... Read More

Simple Surgical Checklist Reduces Deaths, Complications

Simple Surgical Checklist Reduces Deaths, Complications Inspired by the pre-flight checklists used by airline cockpit teams to maximize flight safety, the World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded a study on operating-room checklists for surgical teams, finding that deaths and serious complications can be reduced by more than one-third.  ... Read More

What Is a Peptic Ulcer?

What Is a Peptic Ulcer? Peptic Ulcer Disease One out of eight people in the United States will be diagnosed with Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD) over the course of their lifetimes. As with many diseases are understanding of the issues and causes of the disease have been evolving in recent years creating the opportunities... Read More

What is the Polypill?

What is the Polypill? Dr. Valentin Fuster discusses the Polypill. The Polypill is being developed in response to an important reality surrounding cardiovascular disease. There are three important drugs that can help prevent heart disease (statins, ACE inhibitors, and aspirin). These drugs are not taken for two maj... Read More

What is Coronary Artery Disease?

What is Coronary Artery Disease? Dr. Valentin Fuster, one of the world's leading cardiologists, discusses the basics of coronary heart disease. Dr. Fuster than describes the symptoms of a heart attack and how to differentiate these symptoms from other conditions. Most importantly, he urges viewers to pay attention to these s... Read More

Video Games Beneficial for.. Surgeons?

Video Games Beneficial for.. Surgeons? Trainee surgeons playing video games before they head into simulated surgery? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the Bannar Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix has found it may be time well spent. The Nintendo Wii video game system uses a novel "Wiimote" control system, which allows ... Read More

What is Gastroenterology?

What is Gastroenterology? Video: Dr. Jonathan Cohen of the Concorde Medical Group discusses Gastroenterology. Gastroenterology is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on the digestive tract - from the mouth to the anus. Gastroenterolgy studies the functioning and disorders of the esophagus, stomach and intesti... Read More

What is Renal Stenosis?

What is Renal Stenosis? It is very interesting that a lot of people don't know that blocking the arteries of the kidney can be a cause for hypertension. Particularly someone who is young and becomes hypertensive suddenly, one should make sure there is no blockage in the renal arteries. There are millions of people w... Read More

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