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Women, Shoes and Foot Problems

Women, Shoes and Foot Problems Do women have more foot problems than men? Yes, especially as they age. Years of frequent high heal wear, tight fitting and other high-end fashionable shoes can cause permanent damage. The price we often pay to look good. So it is important for women, especially if they are shoe conscious, to... Read More

New Shoe Fashions Are A Podiatrist's Nightmare

New Shoe Fashions Are A Podiatrist's Nightmare The latest shoe fashions from the runways of Milan, London and New York perch a woman so precariously that she's in constant danger of losing her balance and taking a nasty and embarrassing fall. Not to mention the fact that her feet and toes, painfully flexed by the shoes for hours on end, c... Read More

Don't Rush Into Foot Surgery

Don't Rush Into Foot Surgery If you have an annoying foot problem, the temptation might be to quickly choose the surgery option - especially if you're in a great deal of pain. But surgery is hardly the best course of action for everyone, according to Loan Lam, a Yale-trained podiatric surgeon in Marco, Fla. "Every person... Read More

Five Foot Care Myths

Five Foot Care Myths The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons have heard all the myths about foot care. However, myths concerning health can have serious consequences if doctors aren't consulted to set the facts straight. Here are five podiatry myths that numerous patients have reported, and the truth behi... Read More

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