Five Natural Methods Increase Sex Drive in Women

Posted by Admin on December 24, 2010
Several natural techniques improve women's level of sexual desire just as surely as newly developed sex-enhancement drugs, and without side effects. One of those ambivalent new drugs is Intrinsa, which comes in the form of a testosterone patch. In a recent study that appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, women who wore the patch had three times as many gratifying sexual episodes as women who wore a placebo patch (an average of 2.1 per four weeks for the testosterone group versus 0.7 for the placebo group).

The side effects included unwanted hair growth on the face and chest – and the possibility of a greater risk of breast cancer. Four women in the Intrinsa group developed breast cancer, while none of the placebo group did. Eight hundred postmenopausal women participated in the study.
But there are at least five natural ways to boost sex drive in women that don’t involve any angst. They include:
-- Regular exercise. Running, swimming, fast walking, biking and other aerobic workouts get blood circulating through the sexual organs and stimulate the release of brain endorphins that stir a sense of well-being. There is also a natural spike in sex- promoting testosterone about an hour after working out.
-- Relaxation. Stress is a sex killer, because it boosts the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn suppresses testosterone. Therefore, reduce stress in your life by doing whatever is most natural for you, whether it be yoga, listening to music, meditation or chatting with friends.
-- Novelty. Do something different with your partner. Research indicates production of the sex-drive-enhancing brain chemical dopamine is increased when you do something adventurous with him, such as learning to dance, taking a hike or playing cards with other couples.
-- Supplements. Taking some supplements could be helpful. Gingko biloba, for example, is a traditional treatment for low sex drive, although the Mayo Clinic website says there’s no evidence of its effectiveness. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) helps make sex hormones in the body, and might therefore be useful. And choline may boost the brain chemical acetylcholine, which mediates sexual impulses from the brain to the sex organs.
-- Scents. Find out which scents turn you on the most. Inhale them at the right time.

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