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Posted by Admin on November 16, 2006
Today is the American Cancer Society’s 30th annual Great American Smokeout. Of course, the idea is to kick the habit! So we thought, why not look at a tobacco quitting program that claims to be highly effective. Does it work? According to the CDC, 21 percent of adult Americans smoke, and 46 percent--nearly half--try to quit each year. Cathy Davis has tried so many times, and so many ways to kick the habit. “The patches, gum, nothing has worked,” she says. Well, could this be the answer: final smoke--- contains no nicotine. It’s a combination of a variety of herbals.

But, where’s the proof it works? “We have tremendous amount of testimonials from our customers, hundreds of testimonials,” says Jerry Glick, CEO and founder of Final Smoke. “They don’t site any scientific information, where you can actually go and read and see what they found and what they studied,” says Kathy Garrett-Szymanski, the Smoking Cessation Coordinator at Long Island College Hospital.

The final smoke website does say, “Final smoke has been effective with over 92% of those who try it. Compare that with the meager 20% of nicotine-based products.” Ms. Garrett-Szymanski says, “If there was a 92% quit rate people would be beating down their door to get the product because that’s unheard of in the real proven scientific studies. That’s phenomenal and frankly quite unbelievable.”

So we asked the founder of final smoke about that 92 percent rate. “I am not going to mislead anybody, but I am not saying I have a 92% percent success rate, only eight percent of the people who buy it ever return it,” states Mr. Glick. Oh. But that’s not direct proof of effectiveness. “There is nothing that I can see in the product that I could say helps people stop smoking,” says Ms. Garrett-Szymanski.

So, I asked jerry about the herbs and how they work. “Ok, Well I’m not a total expert in the blends either, to be honest with you. I’m a marketer. I’m not an herbologist,” he responded. Final smoke also provides a lung cleanser. “The Lung cleanser is also an all-natural product develop to help loosen up the sludge and the stuff inside your lungs—to help clean out your lungs,” says Mr. Glick.

 “There is nothing like a good cough to raise up mucus and congestion in the lung. It’s sounds to me like an over the counter lung cleanser is not something very valuable,” says Dr. Len Horovitz, a pulmonologist at Lenox Hill Hospital. Oh boy. “I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone that is trying to quit,” says Ms. Garrett-Szymanski

Mr. Glick says, “Like I said, we’re so confident in our product. Mostly if you don’t quit its your fault not my fault, but I still give you your money back. You know, the only way to really quit smoking is to quit smoking.” Ok then. Final smoke also provides a CD-ROM that does gives some good advice on what behavioral things you can do around your quit date, and other things like how to perform relaxation breathing. There is a self-hypnosis part of the CD-ROM, which might help.

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