February is National Children's Dental Health Month

Posted by Admin on February 11, 2011
Kid's teeth are important, and February being National Children's Dental Health Month, is a good reminder to get your children's teeth checked out. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is encouraging parents to take step to protect their children's teeth.

According to Pediatric Dentists, your children’s first dental appointment should be before the first tooth appears. Studies have shown that it’s actually cost effective to get early treatment – according to several studies, children who have their first dental visit within the first 12 months of life have 40% less dental costs over the first five years than those who do don’t.
Dr. Alan C. Sherill said that, "Prevention is the essential key. Brush and floss daily and have two check-ups a year so you won't have to have a root canal. It hurts me to see people let their mouths go. Take time to floss once a day and brush twice."

One of the main goals of Pediatric Dentistry is preventing tooth decay, and taking care of kid’s teeth has more ramifications than just their smile, as poor oral health has been linked to impaired school performance and poor social relationships. Pediatric Dentists can advise on how to strengthen teeth through eating habits and oral hygiene skills.

Developing a good professional relationship with your child’s dentist is important, because the role that pediatric dentist play in your child’s life change over time. For young children they can help with maintaining primary teeth which are crucial for chewing and speech development.  As your children age and enter adolescence, your dentist can be a valuable resource for information about wisdom teeth, tobacco use, sealants, and oral piercing.

If you’ve been putting off sending your kid’s to the dentist, go ahead and make an appointment for them. Taking care of your kid’s health can be a gift they appreciate for their whole life.

Source: American Association of Pediatric Dentistry


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