Expert Commentator: Dr. Vladimir Panine - 7/22/2009

Posted by Admin on July 22, 2009
The evolution of hair transplantation is this story is well presented. Our current Vice President Joe Biden is a good example of how the art of hair transplantation has improved through the years. Over the last 20 years hair transplantation, we have seen a dramatic transformation.

Twenty years ago we were still using "plugs" which were quite obvious, whereas an exposed hairline signaled the fact that the patient had a hair transplant.Today we use ultra refined follicular unit procedures. These new techniques allow us to create completely realistic hairlines with matching density in the recipient areas of scalp.

The end result is that it is almost impossible to detect that a patient has had a hair transplant – even upon the closest of inspections.

Also, the procedures have become less difficult on the patients. There is virtually no pain, bleeding or crusting and patients heal faster than ever. However, it is more challenging on physicians and staff, using of specialized microscopes, instruments, and improved techniques.

The number of hairs that are moved during a typical procedure has gone up from several hundred to several thousand. The larger number of grafts placed allows for nearly complete and effective hair restoration in only one or two sessions.
The good news is that we can help patients ,who like Joe Biden, had their hair transplants originally done in the "plug" decades of '60, '70 and '80s. Advances in surgical techniques and instrumentation also allow us to correct or enhance the hairline. The result is that their hairlines look natural. The natural look and painless procedure, all done in a day, make hair transplantation a more viable option than ever before.

I have been practicing hair restoration since 1992 and truly believe that hair restoration has become an art form in the hands of experienced surgeons. Many outstanding contemporary results can be viewed on the site

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