Expert Commentator: Anil R. Shah MD, SC 11/13/2009

Posted by Admin on November 13, 2009
An oily complexion is a very common problem. For certain occupations, such as lawyers, actors, models, teachers, anyone with a public persona, an overly oily face can be quite embarrassing and a hindrance to their career,. There really aren't conventional treatments that can help this condition. Typically powders and make-ups are ineffective - making the skin look "cakey". Even simple blotting of oily skin, will often make the skin produce only more oil. The only way to truly stop oily skin is to treat the source of oil, the sebaceous gland ("oil gland").

Botox, can directly stop the flow of oil and thus help create a less oily complexion. My research has demonstrated that this can be an effective treatment. The biggest risk involved, is the accidental injection into the wrong layer.  Injecting botox too superficially will lead to an ineffective treatment.  Too deeply, and the consequence will be unintended muscle weakness.

It seems like everyday, a new use of Botulinum toxin, aka Botox,  is discovered.  Botox is a wonder drug because it affects a very simple cellular pathway, used by many different systems in the body.  I think medical researchers have just reached the tip of the iceberg with potential therapies that Botox will treat.  It is no wonder why we are living in the age of “Botox”.

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