Expert Commentary: Leslie Robinson - 7/9/2009

Posted by Admin on July 8, 2009
Dr. Craig Ziering, principle investigator of the aforementioned product, is well qualified as he is one of the nation's top transplant surgeons. He is also principle investigator for Propecia which has been in use for many years. He worked with Medical Hair Restorations prior to opening his own practice. I have met him and been trained to do consultations for transplant surgery by his prior employer. He is a man of integrity. Regenica was first used in regenerative skin care. Regenerative medicine for hair loss is in its infancy. After I reviewed before and after photos of a twelve week study with Histogen, I was not impressed. The results were spotty to say the least. Yes, each hair shaft was thicker but the density was not desirable. Personally I would have to see much more density to recommend usage of this concept. Hopefully this product will live up to the expectations of all involved.

Topical treatments have been on the market for hundreds of years. Of recent some have proven helpful for the person who has gone forward with transplant surgery and wants to keep the hair they have between the hair that has been transplanted. For example I have seen Propecia give acceptable results to help fill in areas of weak hair growth.

I will say, until such time a tried and true solution to natural hair regrowth is definitively proven, research all options that are available today. These should include, Rogain and Propecia.

However, the top solutions today continue to be hair replacement surgery and hair replacement systems which we provide here at Mane Image.

In order to be a candidate for transplant surgery the patient must have a good donor area where hair can be harvested from and have no medical issues that prevent this surgery from being successful, The advantage of hair transplantation is that the hair is permanent and needs no added maintenance. The biggest disadvantage to transplants is that the end result is usually thinner than what the client desires.  

More than one transplant procedure can be performed over many months but in the end only so much hair can be transplanted. Usually, the patient runs out of hair that can be transplanted before he or she is satisfied with the density of hair they have achieved.

A hair replacement system is very natural appearing solution to hair loss. The advantage to this option is that the patient can attain the head of hair they desire immediately. This approach is typically used by persons who are not good candidates for hair replacement surgery, do not want to have surgery, or can not afford the cost of the procedure. Hair replacement system technology has grown by leaps and bounds and now allows a center like Mane Image to offer the best options for hair loss at a very affordable cost.

Mane Image provides services for men woman and children with genetic hair loss as well as medically related hair loss such as lupus, alopecia, burns, chemotherapy and radiation hair loss, tricotillamania and all other related hair loss. Mane Image has been in business for over 23 years and will continue to offer people the latest in technology available. My goal as owner of Mane Image is to offer people the information they need to make an educated decision as to what solution to hair loss is going to fit into their lifestyle, exceed their expectations, and fit into their budget. Then to offer and fun relaxing environment for the client to enjoy the experience.

Leslie Robinson

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