Expert Commentary: Dr. Peter Ferraro, DC May 6, 2009

Posted by Admin on May 6, 2009

Chiropractic and stress management. To chiropractors it is a natural fit. For stress can be a hidden danger to your health, And the key word here is: hidden. In some ways those who say they are stressed out are lucky. At least in one sense they have an awareness of a problem. It’s up to them to deal with it.

But in a culture where keeping your cool is the cool thing to do it can become a problem. President Obama is the epitome of cool – never losing his composure. Yet we are all watching his hair turn silver before our eyes. After all worrying about the world financial crisis, nuclear arms proliferation, the healthcare crisis, not to mention the status of Bo the White House dog, could add a bit stress to your life.

My point is this. You may be under a lot more stress than you know. The symptoms? Well, that’s part of the problem. The symptoms of stress can be so generic that you may not even recognize them as stress. They can include: headaches, more frequent colds, insomnia, lowered libido, feelings of frustration, fuzzy thinking, and of course general anxiety.

Have any of these symptoms? Well, we all do. And if we live in today’s modern, facstpaced world we should all take some time, no matter how cool we think we are, to consider the possibility that you are more stressed than you think you are.

Consciously make a decision to try some stress reducing activity. It can be a visit to the chiropractor, or maybe yoga, breathing exercises, or a walk in the country. Notice the difference after your stress management exercise. If there a difference? Even a bit in how you feel. Of course, there will be. We should all begin a very conscious program to lower stress in our lives

Everyone should try it. After all it may save your life.

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