Expert Commentary: Dr. Micozzi, M.D. - June 1, 2009

Posted by Admin on June 1, 2009

More and more we are discovering the health benefits of vitamin-D. Most of us tend to stay indoors during the winter months, as I know I certainly do, but lack of exposure to sunlight could mean that you’re not getting enough vitamin D. So taking your lunch outside and soaking up a few rays might be a great idea. Like with many things, balance is important. Getting half an hour of direct sun exposure a couple times a week can be beneficial, while continually getting sun burns or just baking yourself is not.

Vitamin-D is essential for the absorption of calcium, insulin secretion, and other aspects of health. In fact, researchers at the School of Nursing at Loyola University have found taking in a healthy amount of vitamin D may prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and reduce complications for those who have already been diagnosed.

How can you add vitamin-D to your day? We get vitamin D from a variety of sources. Sunlight is one of the main ways we get vitamin-D. Another source is through certain foods, like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Vitamin-D is added to many cereals as well as milk (where it helps with the absorption of calcium). Vitamin supplements are another way to boost vitamin-D intake.

Getting enough vitamin-D isn’t hard to do.  Enjoy some sports outdoors, read a book in a sunny spot, or have your lunch at an outdoor café. If you aren’t a sun worshiper, and many who burn easily aren’t, taking vitamins or seeking out vitamin-D rich food can ensure you’re getting your fill.  With all the health benefits of vitamin-D from strong bones to possibly reducing your risk of developing diabetes, making the effort is a worthwhile one.


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