Expert Commentary: Dr. Elliot Goodman, MD April 27, 2009

Posted by Admin on April 27, 2009

So here is yet another story on the dangers of obesity. In this case several studies were reported in the journal of Neurology that points to the possibility that obesity puts people at greater risk for dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and the loss of brain function, in general. This Just adds another mark to the innumerable reasons -increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, to name a few - why it is critical to tackle the weight loss issue head-on.

It is litany of warnings that over-weight people hear all the time. And I understand the endless nightmare stories just add to the stress and mental fatigue. I also understand that even with the best of intentions, and even will iron power and discipline, weight does not come off easily.

As a bariatric surgeon I know that it is not easy. So please get this - do not be anxious, shy, or insecure about calling a surgeon for a consultation. Our job is to understand. And we are hear to tell you that there is good news. There are solutions. Bariatric surgery does work. It is the first call that is hard. Once you are talking to a surgeon, it gets a lot easier.

People do lose weight with surgery. And that often means a reversal of the disease process. For example, many people who have Type 2 diabetes related to obesity find a dramatic reduction of blood glucose levels within days after the surgery. And there is plenty of evidence that the bariatric surgery with improved diet and exercise can reveres heart disease.

I am not in a position to say whether or not bariatric surgery would improve symptoms after the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, but I think we can at least suggest that losing weight through bariatric surgery will lower future risk for such problems.

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