Expert Commentary: Amos E. Madanes, M.D. 9/21/2009

Posted by Admin on September 20, 2009
The research done at the Oxford Fertility Unit at The John Radcliffe Hospital in England continues to demonstrate the success of the advances that we have made in the last few years in fertility. The study discusses how freezing an embryo – a fertilized egg – and using it at a later time seems to increase the prospects for successful impregnation.  With these and other advances of In Vitro fertilization we now can offer assistance to many couples that previously could not achieve their dream of having a family.

While the latest research breakthroughs are interesting, it should not imply that one protocol is right for everyone. In our practice, at the Midwest Fertility Center, we believe that complete care of the patient should include a detailed evaluation of their fertility problems following which an individualized treatment plan can be designed. For example, besides In Vitro fertilization (IVF), the treatment could be hormonal assistance, surgical correction of tubal problems or Endometriosis.

When we go the IVF route we often use embryo freezing, so called “Cryopreservation”. Cryopreservation is one of the more important advances in the treatment of infertility. We have made huge strides in the technique of freezing embryos and have perfected the transfer cycle of the frozen embryos. These advances allow us to achieve excellent pregnancy rates with our frozen cycles significantly increasing the success rate of IVF.

I realize that infertility is a sensitive issue for many couples. And how one proceeds may depend on many factors – not all of which is biological. But most importantly, one should not be embarrassed about discussing options with your family physician or a fertility specialist. For the most part, you find qualified professionals who will be willing to provide wise counsel, laying out options that will help you make your own decision on the best course of action.

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