Spinal Stenosis Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY at Keller Chiropractic with Dr. Keller

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Keller Chiropractic

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Greenpoint, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick, Lower East Side, Soho, Tribeca, East Village, Kips Bay, 11203, 11213, 11222, 11233, 11237, Brooklyn, New York, Williamsburg, 11211

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English, Russian, Yiddish

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Monday 10 am-1 pm, 4 pm-8:30 pm Tuesday 4 pm-9 pm Wednesday 10 am-1 pm Thursday 4 pm-8:30 pm Friday 10 am-2 pm Saturday Closed Sunday 3 pm-5 pm

Success Stories

Lower back pain...
"I've suffered with low back pain ever since a skiing accident 3 years ago. It wasn't a terrible accident - I didn't even think I was hurt, but after the fall my back started hurting and the pain just never subsided. I found myself reaching more frequently for the Tylenol and one day I just decided that I needed help."

"I have found the results to be amazing. After my first visit with Dr. Hoffman, I had some relief. Within 6 weeks there was significant improvement. Today I am completely pain-free. My only regret is that I waited so long."

E. S.
47 years old, Mother of 3

Shoulder pain...
"I've always had issues with my neck and recently I started experiencing terrible shoulder pain. I didn't know what to do - and I was very cynical of chiropractic care. But a friend had a similar problem and found relief, so I figured I would give it a try - it couldn't hurt."

"Well it worked. The pain and discomfort didn't magically disappear after the first session. But, after a course of treatment, I am well again."

35 years old, Nurse

"About 6 months ago I started having migraine headaches. They came out of no where and completely incapacitated me. I went to my doctor and once she ruled out any number of serious diseases, she started me on medication. The problem is that I had a terrible reaction to the medicine that was supposed to help. I had been a patient of Keller Chiropractic a few years back and decided that it might be worth speaking to the doctors there to see if they could help me.

They did help. I started treatment six months ago and have consistently improved - less frequent episodes and less severe episodes. I believe that this will continue and I will be "back to my old self" soon!

R. D.
62 years old , Grandfather of 4 and Small Business Owner

Improved energy...
"About a year ago I hit a low point, The only way I can describe how I felt is to say that "someone pulled my plug out" - I had absolutely no energy, To make matters worse, I was experiencing the worst insomnia that I had ever known."

"For me, chiropractic care really turned my health around. Today I have a lot of vitality and just feel good. Best of all, I haven't had to take any valium or sleeping pills. I feel like balance has been restored. Thank you Dr. Hoffman!"

37 years old, Cancer survivor, Journalist

Dr. Melinda Keller, D.C.

729 Wythe Ave.
Williamsburg, NY 11211
Tel: 888-725-4210
Fax: 1-718-222-1879

Dr. Melinda Keller, D.C.

Keller Chiropractic

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