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Laser Vein Treatment Chester, NY

The introduction of laser technology to vein treatment has improved the procedure in many ways. Traditionally vein treatments are complicated and can require up to weeks of downtime after the procedure is completed. Now with the Endovenous Laser Treatment, patients can seal their harmful varicose veins with a simple in office procedure, and return to work the next day. The procedure works by using light pulse energy emitted though a laser fiber threaded into the vein wall. This causes the vein walls to collapse. Once the vein is sealed the body reabsorbs the vein.

Leg Veins Chester, NY

Leg veins are subjected to lots of pressure due to the time we spend on our feet during the day. As veins get subjected to pressure they stretch out becoming twisted and painful. Traditionally leg vein treatment involves a complicated procedure that can require up to weeks in patient down time. With the use of laser technology and recent injectable solutions, procedures have greatly simplified often requiring very little or no patient down time. Sclerotherapy involves an injectable fluid called a sclerosant which when injected into the vein, irritates the vein walls causing them to collapse. The endovenous laser treatment uses a catheter to transport pulses of laser light into the vein wall. The laser energy causes the leg vein walls to collapse and seal on themselves. In both cases the sealed veins are absorbed into the vein leaving the legs looking more beautiful and healthy.




Spider Vein Removal Chester, NY

Spider veins are small red, purple and blue blood vessels that are twisted and turning. They are easily visible through the skin and are mostly seen on the legs and the face. Spider vein removal can be carried out in many different ways. The discovery of sclerosants and the introduction of laser technology for phlebological treatment has greatly approved the nature of treatment. Whether your treatment is sclerotherapy or through the use of a light energy laser or electrical energy (radiofrequency) may be used to seal veins. All treatments have minimal down time and all procedures are carried out in-office and patients walk out of the office and return to work the following day.

Varicose Vein Chester, NY

When veins are put under pressure by constant standing or working, they can over time become twisted and painful. These varicose veins (term usually describes veins found in the legs) can cause excess ache and tiredness, as well as eczema and swelling in the ankles. Traditionally treamtnet would require a complicated procedure that would prescribe the patient to weeks of post-op downtime. Recent advances in the treatment of varicose veins are embodied in the endovenous laser treatment. A thread of laser fiber is threaded through the varicose vein and light pulse energy is sent through the fiber into the vein walls. The pulse energy causes the veins to collapse and seal up which then gets reabsorbed into the leg.

Vein Removal Chester, NY

Vein removal can happen in many ways. There are traditional methods of surgery that involve the surgical stripping of the greater saphenous vein s in the leg. There are newer methods that achieve the same reliable results with less complications and downtime. Schlerotherapy and the endovenous laser treatment are both fairly recent treatment methods that both collapse varicose and spider veins to allow them to be reabsorbed into the body. The schlerotherapy uses a sclerosant which serves as an irritant to the vein wall casing it to seal and collapse on its own. The Endovenous laser therapy uses a threaded fiber able to conduct light pulse energy into the vein wall also causing it to close and collapse. In both instances once the vein is collapsed, the body starts to re-absorb it leaving the leg healthy and beautiful looking.



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