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Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Westchester

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Premier Vein Centers of Westchester
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Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Westchester

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment in Westchester County, NY

Are you suffering from the effects of varicose spider veins? Such veins are often a source of embarrassment for sufferers who enjoy being active. For those suffering there is a safe and effective method for removing unsightly spider veins, it is called Sclerotherapy. It involves the injection of a sclersant to collapse the veins to be reabsorbed into the body. Dr. Arlen G. Fleisher provides this treatment along with many other treatments aimed at giving the patient beautiful healthy legs.

Sclerotherapy serves as a treatment method that can treat small (spider) vein sand medium (reticular) sized veins in a timely and efficient manner. It involves the use of an irritant called a sclersant which affects the vein walls causing them to collapse. The sclersant is injected into the spider or reticular veins using a small needle and the vein immediately disappears. Treatment depends on the size and location of the spider veins in the leg.  In each treatment session one or several injections can be used to treat a trouble area and only causes minimal discomfort. Normal activities can be resumed directly after the procedure. Post op care sometimes requires the use of compression and the procedure comes with minimal risks, the worst being minor bruising.

Besides sclerotherapy treatments offered the Premier Vein Centers of Westchester include:

• Endovenous Laser Treatment
• Endovenous Radio Frequency Ablation (Procedure)
• Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (Echo-Sclerotherapy)
• Traditional Ligation & Stripping
• PIN Stripping
• Ambulatory Phlebectomy
• Light-Based Treatments 
• Conservative Treatments
• Compression Stockings
• Herbal Treatments
• Chemical Peels
• Laser Facial Hair Removal

Dr. Arlen Fleischer is a board certified cardiothoracic surgeon and phlebologist. He has been assisting patients achieve better looking, healthy skin on the legs and face. If you are looking for the latest and best in varicose vein treatment, consider visiting the Premier Vein Center in Westchester County, New York.

If your beauty is being held back by spider veins, scolerotherapy is a quick and safe method of curing such issues. Dr. Fleischer is a board certified cardiothoracic surgeon and phlebologist who has assisted thousands of patients achieve beautiful healthy looking legs. Call today to make an appointment for a consultation.