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Back Pain Treatments in Bergen County, NJ

Back Pain Relief Treatments in Paramus, NJ

Back pain is an awful condition to suffer through because of how thoroughly it takes over your life. Simple things like work around the house or playing with the kids become difficult. Sports and an active life are all but impossible. Few things that constitute your daily life go untouched and unaffected, and it leaves you feeling stuck and sometimes hopeless, desperate for a solution. That's where physical therapy and sports medicine at MedWell serving Paramus, NJ can help. Using time-tested, effective techniques like chiropractic and new technology like spinal decompression, a return to a life free from pain can be yours again.

In the past, the only options open to people in severe pain was surgical intervention or long term use of painkillers to mask the pain. Neither of these choices is particularly attractive, one being risky and invasive with questionable results, the other being a potential source of dependency in addition to not actually treating the pain. However, for conditions like a herniated disc, there is an alternative that requires no invasiveness at all. Spinal decompression, a relatively new procedure for the treatment of back and neck pain, has become an effective means of treating back pain without going under the orthopedist's knife.

Spinal decompression achieves pain relief for those in pain by helping the body heal itself. Through a series of controlled, gentle stretches, the discs in the spine that are herniated or bulging are "pumped" which over time creates negative pressure inside of the disc. In doing so, the discs will pull the ruptured disc material back to its original position and restore function while relieving nerve compression that is often at the heart of back and neck pain. Spinal decompression can even help those that have already had surgery through an orthopedist in some cases, but only doctors like those at MedWell can determine whether it will be right for you.

MedWell regularly treats conditions such as the following:

  • Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Herniated and Bulging Discs
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Sciatica

If you need help getting back to a normal and pain-free life, MedWell has the answers you've been searching for. Call today and stop your back pain.

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