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Spinal Stenosis Manhattan NYC

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Spinal Stenosis Manhattan NYC

Spinal Stenosis Manhattan NYC

Back pain caused by Spinal Stenosis can heavily affect your life. With spinal stenosis, simple tasks such as grocery shopping or walking your dog can be stressful and aggravating. Conventional medical practices generally recommend painkillers, or, in some cases, surgery. However, while Painkillers tend to only temporarily relieve pain surgery tends to be highly expensive and at the same time carries great risk. At Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management, safe and effective treatment is available at the hands of board certified and caring Dr. Steven Moalemi. He offers his clinical specialty to all those in the Manhattan , NYC area. 

At Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management, Dr. Moalemi practices the use of personal, individual care in combination with innovating FDA cleared spinal decompression technology.  With spinal decompression, it is possible to locate the exact cause of back pain as well as apply a distraction force to the effected area.  Non-surgical spinal decompression has worked wonders on numerous patients' spinal deformities and can help you too.

Dr. Moalemi is one of the few M.D.'s in manhattan currently using the DRX 9000 to treat back pain conditions including herniated disc. Even though Dr. Moalemi is able to fill out prescriptions for pills that will temporarily relieve pain, he does not because he feels that this will only mask the pain and never truly get to the source of the problem. He favors and is successful in treating pain 100% naturally without the use of drugs. 

Physical Medicine and Pain Management can treat a wide range of chronic disorders, including the following:

- Herniated Disc
- Bulging Discs
- Degenerative Discs
- Sciatica
- Pinched Nerves
- Facet Syndrome
- Chronic Back Pain
- Chronic Neck Pain

Don't allow the pain of spinal stenosis prevent you from enjoying another day. If you need treatment for spinal stenosis, or know of someone in the Manhattan NYC area who doest , contact Dr. Moalemi today. Take control of your pain, and start to feel the joy  that comes with having a healthy spine.