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Dermal Fillers Manhattan, New York

As we age, the skin becomes less and less supple and in addition the fat under the skin starts to fade away and atrophy. When the muscles under the skin contract several hundred times throughout the day, the skin over those muscles starts to develop predictable wrinkles from these contractions. Today, there are options of dermal fillers and other treatment for wrinkles. At Columbia Ophthalmology Department of Oculoplastics in Manhattan, New York they offer dermal fillers and other facial treatments.

These are most often seen in the area of the glabella or “11’s” between the two eyebrows, in area of the laugh lines or “crows feet” between the temple and the eyelids, and in the area of the forehead.  These are what we call “dynamic folds” or “dynamic wrinkles.” To treat these, we can inject the muscles that are immediately under these wrinkles with botulinum toxin, most commonly known under the brand name Botox, to temporarily and very specifically cause those muscles not to contract while still retaining facial function and not giving people a “frozen” appearance. 

Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse are used to restore the volume loss associated with facial aging and fill in “static wrinkles” such as deep nasolabial folds along side the nose, marionette lines below the corners of the mouth, sunken or hallow cheeks and thin lips.  Filler injects are performed comfortably in the office using a combination of topical anesthetic for the skin, local anesthetic mixed into the filler material and ice or cold compresses.

We can use fillers combined with Botox for our chemical brow lift to restore not only the descent of the brow, but some of the three-dimensional volume loss that comes with aging and to give a very natural and youthful appearance. In addition fillers can be combined with the chemical smile to subtly turn up the corners of the mouth creating a very pleasant appearance. 

If you are looking to treat facial wrinkles, contact the Columbia Ophthalmology Department of Oculoplastics in Manhattan, New York today.

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