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Botox Injections Manhattan, New York

Are you dissatisfied with effect aging has had on your face? While nothing can turn back the clock, there are options to improve the appearance of your skin giving it a smoother, more youthful appearance. At the Department of Ocularplastics at Columbia Ophthalmology in Manhattan, New York we offer Botox injections to counteract some of the gravitational effects of aging.

For instance, Botox can be used to achieve a “chemical brow lift” by very specifically inhibiting the muscles that bring the eyebrow down while not inhibiting the muscles that help elevate the eyelid; thus making the eyelid rise. In addition, the specific placement of the injections can be used to adjust the shape or contour of the brow to treat asymmetries or create a sexy, flared brow arch. Similarly, a “chemical smile” can be created by injecting Botox into the muscles that bring down the corners of the mouth called the depressor anguli oris or DAO. Typically these chemical brow lifts and smiles have to be performed every three to four months; however, given the cost of Botox versus conventional brow lift or facial surgery, this can often be a much more cost effective and safer alternative with minimal-to-no downtime.

Oculoplastic surgeons are intimately familiar with the anatomy below the skin of the face and the eyelids. Because of that familiarity with the surgical anatomy, our approach to fillers and Botox is very anatomically based leading to highly effective results. In addition, at Columbia we are also actively conducting research on these minimally invasive procedures. We are discovering why they work the way they do and we are constantly looking at the outcomes of our vast numbers aesthetic procedures with a scientific eye in order to refine and redefine. At the Department of Oculoplastics at Columbia Ophthalmology in Manhattan, New York we offer Botox injections and other cosmetic treatments. Call today to make an appointment.

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